Garden State on the License Plate: It is the Law!

1959 Passenger Sample
1959 Passenger Sample
Thanks to a 1954 law (see below) all “general issue” (also known as standard passenger) New Jersey license plates since 1959, as seen on the left, have had the words “Garden State” on them. It is one of the longest running continuously slogans on license plates today.

NJSA 39:3-33.2. License plates; words “Garden State” to be imprinted
The Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles in the Department of Law and Public Safety shall, upon the occasion of the next and each subsequent general issue of passenger car motor vehicle registration license plates, cause to be imprinted thereon in addition to other markings which he shall prescribe, the words “Garden State.”
L.1954, c. 221, p. 834, s. 1.